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Taking a Break

misty mountains at sunrise in Cotija de la Paz, Mexico

In a few days, my wife and I will be leaving for a vacation in Nova Scotia – a place that's long been on our wish list of places to explore. And when we return, I'll be busy sorting through all the photos taken during our trip.

This means my Paul's Reflections blog will be a quiet place with no new posts for the next few weeks.

Bonnie and I have always loved to travel, believing it's an enriching way to expand horizons, nourish the soul and gain a better understanding of the world. Our kids, now grown, have told us that our family trips to distant places created some of their fondest memories.

As the writer, traveler and spiritual seeker Pico Iyer said: "I'm always seeking out those places that will ... send me back a slightly different person from the one who left home."

I'll see you on the other side of our trip, my friends.

Photographer's Footnote: These mountains were photographed at sunrise in Cotija de la Paz, Mexico.


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