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Unsung Heroes

In-camera movement creating blurred figure of silhouette on city streets

I’d like to call your attention to an uplifting podcast that will brighten your days and restore your hope for the world. It’s called My Unsung Hero, and it shares the stories of people (often total strangers) who committed an act of unselfish kindness that changed someone’s life. 

The episodes are short: three to five minutes each. I listen to them on my way to chemotherapy sessions and they put me in a positive, grateful frame of mind. After listening to these stories of kindness, I look at each nurse who draws my blood, infuses my chemo or brings me a chilled apple juice as an unsung hero. And this makes me want to do more to help others around me. 

In my blog post last week, Blood on the Streets, I wrote about the horrific violence that humans are capable of. It’s true, we are capable of unspeakable evil. But that’s not all we’re capable of. It’s good to remember that we also have the capacity for overwhelming goodness in our hearts.  

Human rights advocate Lucas Johnson tells us, “We have a responsibility to hold to the power of love that we know to be true, and to not allow the world around us to deaden that in ourselves.”

If you haven’t discovered My Unsung Hero yet, I sincerely hope you’ll listen to a few episodes of this inspiring podcast. It’s available on your favorite podcast app, or you can listen online here.

Trust me: It will do your heart good.

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