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The Luminous Core

When I’m photographing, I sometimes see things that speak to a deeper meaning. This is one of those images.

I shot this photo at night, shortly after a summer rain. A puddle had formed within the bricks of the city street, and inside that puddle I saw the reflected image of a streetlamp.

What initially attracted me to this scene was the rich, vibrant color. After I got home and spent time looking at the photograph on my screen, however, it seemed to be suggesting a more profound interpretation.

It occurred to me that the bricks represent our physical bodies – solid and tactile to the touch. The bricks have substance, just like our bodies do. But that’s not where the real beauty and mystery can be found.

At the core of it all, there’s something more. Something luminous, something shimmering.


Apr 27, 2023

If you didn’t describe what this was I don’t think I would have readily seen that. The bricks, the texture and then the smooth-as-glass reflection of light and color brought a multi-dimensional feel to the image that I couldn’t discern other than to feel it’s intriguing impact


Unknown member
Apr 26, 2023

Beautiful shot- of something I would probably have stepped in!


Apr 25, 2023

Beautiful picture Paul! Love the light and colors, but really love how the water and refection make it look like the brick is crumbling into the glass look of the water.

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