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The Journey

a path winding through a forest of trees, captured in black and white

We’ve returned from our trip to Nova Scotia, and what a trip it was. We saw spectacular falls roaring with water after a heavy rain; rustic fishing villages with lobster cages stacked on the docks; a scenic lighthouse on the rocky coast; small boats bobbing in a harbor with a breathtaking sunrise behind them.

It was a feast for the eyes and for the taste buds, accompanied by some of the finest fresh seafood we’ve ever eaten.

We did plenty of research and planning to prepare for the journey. But to be honest, in many cases it was the unplanned adventures that we enjoyed most.

That’s the beauty of travel, and life: not knowing what’s around the next bend, and allowing ourselves to remain open to the serendipitous surprises we encounter along the path.

I’ll be sharing more photos from our journey – showing both expected and unexpected joys – over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Photographer’s Footnote: This picture was taken on a trail leading to a series of waterfalls near the village of Baddeck. The road into the park was closed following a deluge of rain the day before; we had to leave our car a good distance away and wade across the flooded footbridge.


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