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The Hands of Time

Close-up of holiday wreath made from a young child's handprints

In 1994, when our daughter Jade was three years old, she made this Christmas decoration for us in preschool. She dipped her little hand in green paint, then pressed it six times on a cloth fabric to create a holiday wreath made from her handprints.

Three decades later, we still hang her cherished handmade gift every holiday season.

Where did the time go?

When our kids were little, it felt like we’d be able to hold onto those years forever. But of course time doesn’t work that way.

Time races like a runaway sleigh ride, picking up speed with each passing year. We can’t stop it, we can’t slow it down. The best we can do is savor every moment before it slips away.

Our kids are grown now – they're no longer racing down the stairs in breathless excitement to see what Santa left under the tree. But the childhood magic has returned, because we now have two beautiful granddaughters. When I hold their little hands, I do it with an extra measure of gratitude and love – because I know how quickly the hands of time move forward.

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