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Shifting Sands

Sand dunes are more than an elegant, graceful display of nature. If we take a deeper look at their undulating crests, we can learn an important truth about the world around us.

The simple but enlightening truth is this: Sand dunes are never the same from one instant to the next.

Every grain of sand is constantly shifting, blown by winds to create new configurations – even if the subtle differences are imperceptible to our eyes. The dunes that existed one minute ago will never exist again.

It’s that way with sand dunes. It’s that way with our bodies. According to physicists and Eastern spiritual traditions, it’s that way with everything in the universe: a continual swirl of energy and matter that is dancing, dissolving and reassembling every instant.

I was grateful to photograph these dunes in California shortly after sunrise, knowing this view would never be exactly the same ever again.

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