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Big Things, Little Things

Large boulders on the coast of Ireland juxtaposed with small pebbles on a sidewalk

I have some news to share. About a month ago, I learned that I have a type of blood cancer called myelodysplastic syndrome. With the latest treatments and my early stage of the disease, the doctors say I can reasonably expect to have many good years ahead. But there’s also a chance that after a few years this could develop into a dangerous form of acute leukemia — one that requires a life-saving but potentially risky bone marrow transplant.

I’m maintaining an optimistic view through all of this, and more than ever before I’m appreciating each day as the remarkable gift that it is.

An interesting thing happens when we’re faced with big challenges in life: Suddenly, all of the little things that used to bother us don’t seem to matter so much anymore.

That dirty dish left on the counter? Not a problem. Being stuck at another traffic light? C’est la vie.

With little things put into their proper perspective, it’s easier to focus on the bigger picture and on the important things that matter most in life.

Photographer’s Footnote: The Big Things and Little Things photographed here are large boulders on the coast of Ireland and small pebbles on a sidewalk near our home in Charlotte.


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