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A Closer Look

A macro closeup view of a black walnut shell with dramatic shadows

What do you see in this picture? A heart? A face? Can you tell what this object is? Is it large like a tree trunk? Is it small like a bug?


I love macro photography because it gives us a dramatically different perspective of the world around us. Using special lenses, we can photograph at extremely close distances to reveal exquisite details and completely rearrange our sense of scale.

In this case, I photographed a black walnut shell that I’d found in a nearby park. The shell was one and a half inches tall – about the size of a U.S. 50-cent coin. By moving the lens to within inches of the shell and using carefully controlled lighting, I saw a whole new world when I peered through my camera’s viewfinder.


I like to think that whenever we look closer at something (or someone), we gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty hidden within.

Next week I'll have another Closer Look story to share. Stay tuned.



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